Saturday, 19 March 2016

how to create blogger account

Blogger is powered by google for their gmail and google plus users. blogger is used by google user for creating their website. blogger is free and easy way to create our website. google is provide their google adsense account for  earning. you can earn more and more money with blogger.

  Hi, guys i am going to tell you how to create a blogger account.
 for creating a blogger account you want to have an gmail and google plus account.when you have your gmail and google plus account you able to create your blogger account by following these steps mentioned below.

1.Navigate to using your web browser of choice.

2.Sign in using your g-mail account to start your blogger account.

3. if you do nat have an your google plus account start it.

You can use this blogger account for creating the website.
you can add your favourite templete into your blogger by downloading it. 

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